Angels Band

Give your ideas Top-notch experts with smart money to boost unicorn ideas.

AngelsBand units early-stage investors. Angels Band units 82 early stage investors - top-notch experts with smart money to boost your unicorn ideas.

Angels Band members
Our goal
To help startups find investors and to grow a unicorn!

Our tasks
Our mission
is to develop a culture of venture
Our values
  • Honesty in a relationship
  • Respect for the interests of project founders and investors
  • Openness and transparency
  • Active life position with a focus on personal development and professional growth

  • To сreate the environment where a startup will find its investor
  • To assist in developing projects
  • To promote a new type of investment in Belarus
  • To give investors the opportunity to invest in ambitious projects
  • To consolidate business angels with expertise in various business sectors

of the launched startups die in the first year.The main reason is a lack of experience and a wrong strategy.
It is the successful captain who both catches an early boat and keeps it afloat.

We will help to attract funding for a new product rapid development and provide an expert support.

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financing in Belarus

Ihar Mahaniok
Engineering Manager at Facebook (USA)
Angel Investor at Empire Angels (USA)
Engineering Manager at Facebook (USA)

Will Cardwell
Senior Advisor (Finland)
Partner at Courage Ventures Fund (Finland)
Partner at Open Circle Capital (Lithuania)
Senior Advisor and Lecturer at Aalto University Executive Education (Finland)

Andrey Kulik
Staff Software Engineer at Google (Switzerland)
Ex-CEO at AIMatter (Belarus)
Staff Software Engineer at Google (Switzerland)

    • You send a presentation, announce your ideas, your development plan
    • We choose your project
    • Experts analyze the project
    • Business angels invest
    • Startup with an end product enters the market
    • Then you can attract the following rounds of financing from venture funds-within $1 million or more
    To startups
    For investors
      • Think positively of startups which have already been invested by business angels
      • Consider only those startups which have shown a significant growth

        • Pre-seed and seed rounds of funding
        • Expert assessment in different economy fields, indication of problem areas from investors and community members
        • Technical, marketing, accounting, administrative support as well as recommendations from investor lawyers who are members of the community
        • Meeting a powerful community of experienced businessmen
        • Opportunity to attract the next round of funding, i.e. venture funding

          • High-quality funnel of ambitious projects
          • Opportunity to invest in syndicates with experienced investors from various business sectors
            • Investment experience in most promising technological areas
            • Increase in project costs and your share in the company
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              Remember that venture funds:
              What you get:
              What you get:
              For startups:
              Members of AngelsBand
              We expect to have more than 120 members by 2020.
              Dmitry Burak
              Chairman of the Board. EVERIS.
              Investment interest in areas: EduTech, SAAS, MVPR, BigData, Health, Machine learning.
              Valery Ostrinsky
              Board Member Angels Band. Founder Of Telvel Group
              Investment interest in areas: Internet of Things, Machine Learning, MVPR, Big Data, Health, Education.
              Kirill Golub
              Board Member Angels Band. CEO of Aheadworks
              Investment interest in areas: Advertising&Marketing, AI & Machine Learning, Analytics, Big Data, E-commerce Software, Edtech, Fintech, B2B Software, SaaS.

              Lida Matveeva
              Board Member Angels Band. IT entrepreneur
              Dektry Group of Companies.
              Pavel Kharitonov
              Board Member Angels Band. СЕО BusinessKIT.
              Dmitry Matveev
              Legal Consulting in IT-sphere
              Partner of Aleinikov & Partners law company.
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