Business angels of AngelsBand
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Valery Ostrinsky
CEO of AngelsBand. Founder Of Telvel Group.
Investment interest in areas: Internet of Things, Machine Learning, MVPR, Big Data, Health, Education.
Kirill Voloshin
Investment interest in areas: FinTech, EduTech, SAAS, MVP, Big Data, ML, Health.
Kirill Golub
CEO of Aheadworks
Investment interest in areas: Advertising&Marketing, AI & Machine Learning, Analytics, Big Data, E-commerce Software, Edtech, Fintech, B2B Software, SaaS.
Paul Gordon
CEO of TDI Group
Head and Founder of TDI Group, Investor.
Dmitry Matveev
Legal Consulting in IT-sphere
Partner of Aleinikov & Partners law company.

Anton Dmitriev
Quattro Capital
Founder and Director of Quattro Capital investment company.
Director of Open line leasing company.
Sergey Sinkevich
EPAM Systems
Director of Technology Development.
Vadim Nareyko
CEO of Induto startup,
Mentor of the year 2015
Co-founder of INDUTO.
Tatyana Marinich
Co-founder and CEO of BEL.BIZ. Co-founder and Executive Director of Imaguru.
Divin Sergey
Founder of STEP Computer Academy, IT Princess Academy, STEAM Private School.
Investment interest in EDTECH, online and offline education.
Victor Denisovich
Anastasia Khomenkova
Sergey Drobyshevsky
Co-founder of Insight by TDI accelerator startup
Co-founder of Insight by TDI accelerator startup, entrepreneur, business psychologist.
Eugene Kaufman
Founder Of Paypal
Founder and CEO of PlayHall.
Konstantin Keller
Head of AI @
Julia Kavetskaya
Banking sector
Investment interest in Fintech, Health, and Education.
Sergey Vainilovich
Co-founder, Head of
Sergey Krivonos
Urspektr LLC
Co-founder of Urspektr LLC.
Dmitry Burak
Investment interest in EduTech, SAAS, MVP, Big Data, Health, Machine Learning.
Lida Matveeva
IT entrepreneur
Dektry Group of Companies
Paul Nevmerzhitsky
NVV Group
Investment interest in FinTech, AR, AI, Health.
Artur Kviatsinski
Kloeckner Pentaplast FCP
Yuri Zisser
Pavel Matusevich
Co-founder and Managing Partner of
Investment interest in Retail, E-commerce, Financing and Fintech, Education, and Machine Learning.
Ilya Altushkin
Dmitry Yarmak
Investment interest in ML/DL, AR, MedTech.
Alexander Topilsky
FastoGT(Opensource software company)
Investment interest in Open Source, Big data, ML, Food, Education, Hardware, AI, Media, P2P, BlockChain.
Vitaly Treasures
UAB Viticella Group of Companies
Investment interest in Health, Medicine, and Education.
Alex Short
СCo-Founder Of Boost Guide.
Investment interest in Machine Learning, AI, Expert Systems, Education, HR Systems.
Irina Glebovich
Lawyerpreneur/Investment Professional/Lecturer at BSU
Investment interest in Fantech, Pro Tech, IT, LegalTech, AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Transporttechnik.
Anton Kulichkin
Member Of The Board Of Experts Of The Technologies Of Distributed Registers Association.
Investment interest in Blockchain, Internet of Things, FinTech, LegalTech, Gregtech.
Victor Krasikov
Investment interest in Hardware, IoT, AI, AR, Health, Education, Sharing Economy.
Dmitry Dosov
Vladimir Serzhanovich
Daniel Krutzinna
Andrei Dusmikeev
CEO & Founder of Medium
Investment interests: IoT, Smart city, Smart building, Smart workplace, Environment, Sensors, Energy harvesting, Renewable energy.
Leo Matveev
Chairman of the Board of Directors of SearchInform.
Investment interest : Corporate IT, IT in information security.
Andrei Haspadaryk
СЕО Telvel Group.
Investment interest in areas: IoT, AR, AI. Andrei Haspadaryk - CEO Telvel Group.
Dzianis Shauruk
Investment interest in areas: fintech, medtech, IoT.
Andrei Karatsenka
CEO "AksInterier", CEO "".
Investment interest in areas: blockchain, b2b services, IoT, Smart city, Smart building, Environment, Energy harvesting, Renewable energy.
Aliaksei Shynkarenko
Vizuatica, Data Visualization Architect.
Investment interest in areas:Art&Science, Education, Data Science, Visual Analytics.
CEO of Nordica Group JSC
Investment interest in areas: Internet of things, machine learning, big data, health, traveling.
Sergey Teryoshkin
CEO and Co-Founder of fuel supplying company Oil Resource Group.
Investment interest in areas: projects with directions in investments, trading, IT, blockchain, logistics, education.
Daria Voloshenyuk
Oleg Gurin
Founder Optogan
Investment interest in areas: AI, Big Data, machine learning, internet of things, health, education.
Andrei Karpovich
CEO European Metallurgical Company
Investment interest in areas: Education, Analytics, Big Data, E-commerce software.
Pavel Koryagin
Alexander Maslov
Evgeny Chuev
Denis Buko
Investment interest in areas: Mobile apps, Advertising technology/services , machine learning , AI.
Vitaly Stomma
Vadim Sokolov
Yevgeny Litvinenko
Maria Shirochina
Pavel Karpov
Vice-chairman of The Association for development financial market.
Andrei Lemeshevski
Lemeshevski Investments.
Investment interest in areas: Health, Cybersecurity
Oleg Ilyin
Co-founder and director of the Agency for Strategic and Economic Development
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